I read Corey peaceful heart to my doll thay loved that. Text from Alexa, age 7, Portland, Maine

I had the great honor and joy of being the editor and book designer for Judy Henry’s picture book “Corey’s Peaceful Heart.” This lovely, sweet book is totally in line with my own work of creating more peace in the world by first creating peace within.   Naomi C. Rose, author and illustrator of Tibetan Tales from the Top of the World, Sedona, AZ  

A must for all children:  Thank you for a book that will become a classic. P. Huntsville, AL

Readers will think of a child who will love this book as soon as they help Corey find his peaceful heart — adults too. Simply written with beautiful illustrations, the message helps all of us settle down and listen to our true feelings.  E.B.

THANK YOU for gifting the world with your book… I’ve had teachers coming in checking it out.. there’s a line now for it…what a wonderful book!  Helenmarie Johnson, Library Director, Shepherd, TX

Children and adults alike can quickly learn how to find their peaceful hearts just as Corey does, creating comfort and ease for themselves even in the most stressful situations. Accessibly written and beautifully illustrated, Judy Henry’s book will make an important contribution to the emotional well-being of everyone who reads it.  Carolyn Wilkerson Bell, Lynchburg, VA

This is a great children’s book with a wonderful story and message for a child to keep with them in their heart.  The illustration of the book is also fabulous. A great bedtime story.  Connie J. Tritt, Pennsylvania

This book draws you into Corey’s quest to find a peaceful heart …knowing how to access the heart’s intelligence are profound.  Rita Marie Johnson, creator of the Connection Practice and author of Completely Connected, Gilroy, CA

It is a book that is timely and necessary for children of all ages. Mary Enfinger, Licensed Unity Teacher, retired PreK and K teacher, Pensacola, FL

Corey’s Peaceful Heart is a book to read over and over throughout the Pre-K and Kindergarten years to remind that a peaceful heart is essential for survival for both children and adults. Georgia Smith, Retired Kindergarten Teacher, Pensacola, FL