The Corey’s Peaceful Heart project features children’s picture books and other resources that encourage social-emotional development in young children.  Featured skills include such benefits as reducing stress, managing feelings, practicing empathy, making friends, and supporting learning.

HeartMath Resource Links:

Corey’s Peaceful Heart includes the three-step HeartMath Shift and Shine Technique® for preschool children.  See the links below for excellent free HeartMath resources.

Shift and Shine Slide Show

Free HeartSmarts Adventure Software Ages 4-6

HeartMath Parenting Resources Ages 2-6

HeartMath Store for Families and Children

Facebook: HeartMath My Kids

HeartMath’s Quick Coherence Technique® –  Shift and Shine® for Grown Ups

Resources that Support Social Emotional Learning:

Jesse Lewis Choose Love SEL Curriculum for Home and School

Hearts and Minds: Picture Books that Strengthen Social Emotional Learning

Children’s Book List

Thirteen Children’s Books That Teach Kindness