Judy Henry, author of Corey’s Peaceful Heart appreciates many things, including:

The Institute of HeartMath

Heartfelt appreciation is the basis for the balanced emotional state, ease and inner harmony that are achieved through the practice of HeartMath’s Ouick Coherence Technique® for adults and the Shift and Shine Technique® for preschool children.  Judy is especially grateful for the Quick Coherence® practice in her own life as it has enabled her to reduce in-the-moment stress, gain access to an energized state of creativity as well as find a focused, calm center within herself that she has come to depend upon.  She appreciates HeartMath’s generous permission to include the Shift and Shine Technique® in Corey’s Peaceful Heart.  

South Louisiana

Having grown up in New Orleans, Judy loves ancient oak trees, Spanish moss, meandering bayous and the mighty Mississippi.  She later moved to Lafayette to finish high school and attend college.  Judy earned her B.S. and M.Ed. in Home Economics Education at what is now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and completed additional graduate work in education, child development, and curriculum development at six universities in Louisiana and Texas.

Judy readily admits that reading to children and engaging in creative play makes her heart smile.  Consequently, whether she was playing with her baby sister at age nine or, years later, entertaining her own beloved daughters, or, later still, attending to the preschoolers that were invited into her child development classes for community play days, Judy has thoroughly enjoyed inventing creative play spaces for the many children in her life. During her ten years as director of a campus preschool at New Caney High School, in New Caney, Texas, picture books were always part of the fun.


Although Corey’s Peaceful Heart is her first children’s book, Judy has always loved reading, collecting, recording, and writing stories.  As a result of her lifelong passion, she has collected genealogy and family stories into several family history books, much to her family’s delight.


Judy taught Home Economics in DeRidder and Merryville, Louisiana. At New Caney High School in Montgomery County, Texas she taught Early Childhood Professions and directed the pre-school lab. Though she retired from teaching, she developed and presented workshops on the Early Years Curriculum, part of the Family Frameworks Parenting Curriculum published by the Texas Association of School Boards.

As a certified Connection Practice trainer, she collaborated on the Connection Practice Elementary Curriculum.  Judy is grateful to Connection Practice creator, Rita Marie Johnson, for her support of Corey’s Peaceful Heart.  For more about the Connection Practice social-emotional intelligence skills for individuals, schools, and business click here.


In 2014, Judy sold her home, and most of her belongings, and set out on a journey to experience life in beautiful, peaceful locations in the United States. In 2016, she enjoyed a five-week adventure in England and Ireland.  The summer and fall of 2017, she toured from Florida to Virginia with her new book.  She looks forward to sharing it in the Fairhope, Alabama area, where she will spend the first six months of 2018.  She treasures the wonderful friends she meets on her journey.


Judy’s two daughters and their families live in Pensacola, Florida.  Her large Henry step-family lives in Texas.  Her grandchildren, Bryant, Allison, and Ellie, agreed to allow their preschool selves to be the models for Corey and his siblings. (2012 photo)