In 2009, I was introduced to HeartMath’s Quick Coherence Technique® at a BePeace training (now the Connection Practice) led by process creator Rita Marie Johnson.  Quick Coherence® is the adult version of the Shift and Shine Technique® found Corey’s Peaceful Heart. I received deep comfort from the three Quick Coherence® steps of focusing on my heart, breathing through my heart, and filling my heart with a feeling of deep appreciation for the lovely dogwood tree that grew outside of my front door.

The Connection Practice

During that 2009 workshop, I learned the entire six-step Connection Practice for problem solving.  I have adopted the practices as my own.  Now in stressful situations I use Quick Coherence® and the Connection Practice steps to return to balance and harmony. As a facilitator of many Connection Practice small groups, I have observed others experience profound shifts from the practice.  The Connection Practice steps are:

  1. State the problem or concern.
  2. Identify my feelings and needs.
  3. Identify feelings and needs of the other person, if another person was involved.
  4. Go into Quick Coherence®.
  5. Ask my heart, “What do I need to know.”  Listen and write down answer.
  6. Make a plan of action.

Corey’s First Audience

After certifying as a Connection Practice trainer, I collaborated on developing the original Connection Practice Elementary Curriculum and Teacher In-Service with creative partner, Lori Brady counselor at Oakley Elementary School, in New Caney, Texas.

We prepared a Quick Coherence® lesson for 3rd – 5th graders and were surprised the first day when two Kindergarten classes were the first to arrive.  The lesson was not appropriate for non-readers, so I read my Corey’s Peaceful Heart story directly from my lap top.

The children were successful in following the Shift and Shine® process to connect with their peaceful hearts.  I saw contented smiles on their faces and we felt the peaceful feeling fill the room.  The Kindergartners drew peaceful heart pictures like the children in the story.  They agreed that they really liked my story, but insisted that it really needed pictures!

The Corey Vision

On that day I knew I wanted create a series of Corey picture books to include HeartMath’s Shift and Shine and the other social-emotional intelligence processes that are part of the Connection Practice.

It has been a six-year journey, with SO MUCH help along the way.  At last, I have received beautiful proof copies of real books!  Soon, Corey’s Peaceful Heart will be available for pre-order and then for sale.  It is my fervent wish that Corey and Shift and Shine® will  make a contribution to peace and harmony in the lives of young children and those who love them.

Judy Henry,
Pensacola, Florida