“Every child–and everyone who loves a child–should read this sweet yet powerful story. Children and adults alike can quickly learn how to find their peaceful hearts just as Corey does, creating comfort and ease for themselves even in the most stressful situations.”  Carolyn Wilkerson Bell


When Corey wakes, he knows something is missing.

Uh Oh! He has to have it in time for school.

Is it a buzzy bee or a big brown bear?

Will he find it in the bathtub or under the bed?

In this engaging story for 3-7-year-olds, readers search with Corey until he discovers what makes his heart smile. Corey’s discovery will make readers’ hearts smile, too.

Corey’s Peaceful Heart follows HeartMath’s Shift and Shine Technique® for strengthening positive feelings and coping skills in children.   It was written by Judy Henry and  features delightful illustrations by Robin Baird Lewis.


Benefits of Shift and Shine Technique®

The Institute of HeartMath reports that regular practice of their Shift and Shine Technique® has been proven effective in helping young children get an early start in learning to:
Manage stress
Engage in socially accepted behavior
Manage emotions
Improve their outlook, self-image, sense of security
Strengthen expression of positive feelings
Improve impulse control
Improve relationships with family and friends
Increase learner readiness for school

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A Shift and Shine® Story

After using an early version of Corey’s Peaceful Heart,  a mother homeschooling in Lynchburg, Virginia writes:

“I have guided the girls through the Shift and Shine® process for everything from having difficulty falling asleep to finding patience in frustrating sibling interactions. It’s such a blessing just to have this process to slow us down and find quiet for a few moments, not to mention creating a deeper connection to their hearts… G. drew another peaceful heart picture tonight – just to help her calm down. She was having a stressful evening with her sisters.”


Author, Judy Henry, hopes that by sharing HeartMath’s Shift and Shine Technique,® Corey’s Peaceful Heart and future Corey stories will contribute to happier, more peaceful lives for children of all ages.

Judy is located in Sedona, Arizona through August, 2019.  To schedule author visits, story time or parent/teacher workshops contact her at judy@coreyspeacefulheart.com

Sedona Events:

April 27, 2019 2:00-3:00  Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids, Sat Nam Spirit Center, 2050 Yavapai Drive, Sedona, AZ  Featured Story: Corey’s Peaceful Heart read by the author.  Ages 4-10.  $10 per child.  Parents are invited to stay.  For info: judyspeacejourney@gmail.com






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